Paph. wenshanense

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Feb 1, 2019
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My first time blooming this plant, although it was purchased in bloom in 2020. Originally from James Fang at HOF the cross is Paph. wenshanense x sib ('Hsiao' x 'Naeshan'). This plant is a slow and steady grower for me but has the ugliest leaves of any plant in my collection which is why you aren't getting a whole plant photo. It has severe leaf-tip dieback, which is probably due to my water quality/fertilizer regime, however, I grow on windowsills with limited space so it is survival of the fittest. So far it is surviving and blooming, if not exactly thriving. It's such a cheerful looking flower, and it makes me happy when I see it in the morning, so I really hope it is able to keep going! Sorry about the brown spot on the pouch, it opened against another plant while I was away and I bruised it trying to move it for display when I got back.aIMG_3632.JPG aIMG_3654.JPG aIMG_3681.JPG aIMG_3813.JPG

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