Paph Hawaiin Flush x Jaeger

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Feb 1, 2019
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Complex season has officially begun! Cross is Paph. Hawaiin Flush 'Super Wide Petals' x Paph. Jaeger 'Bold Spots' purchased from James Fang at HOF. This is the second blooming for this plant, and I'm quite pleased - the size increased to 13.2 cm NS and 6.2 cm PW (from 12 x 5.6) and the color has a deeper, more saturated red. The horns/color break on the one petal were not there the first blooming, so I know it can bloom without that defect. Plant is very compact, and a steady, but not super vigorous grower. All photos were taken in natural light.IMG_3767a.jpg IMG_3769a.jpg IMG_3843a.JPG IMG_3855.jpg

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