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This is a new plant to me, I've only had it for a few months. It's a small plant, only 2 growths, and the bloom is small compared to my larger tigrinums, but I like the spots on this one :)

As you can tell, this bloom is not open all the way yet... it still has a day or two left. I'll update the thread with new photos once the bloom is full grown.


and again, from a slightly different angle.


As Ever,
Matthew Gore
Thanks everyone :)

Uri, I think that this plant may be a little small to pollinate... it only has two growths, and seed pods take a long time to develop on this species (at least, mine have been slow). The tigrinum in my avatar is in spike right now too (with three spikes coming up), so I may pollinate that one with this.

I also have a hybrid in mind that I tried last winter, but it didn't take. Maybe I'll have better luck this time.

- Matt
Matt I was just kidding - I sibbled mine and got a developping seed pod and I also crossed it with another specie in order to make a new primary hybrid

Those three spikes are pretty much past the danger period... so I'm pretty sure they'll all make it :) I'm pretty lucky here.... I must happen to have the conditions they like. My tigrinums don't seem to have a problem with blasting buds, and they grow like weeds. I have one plant that had 2 mature growths and two starts when I got it a year ago... now it has 6 mature growths and a couple starts. I wish that I had a secret to growing them, but I pretty much just leave them alone and they do great. The only thing I do specially for them is pot-water them.

Hopefully, one of these day's I'll get some viable seed!

- Matt Gore

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