Paph Susan Booth 'Paracombe' FCC/AOC

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What f..... - oh, sorry, pardon my french: what really amazing flowers and plant!

David, you really are the mastergrower of the southern hemisphere - or at least, down under. Congrats on that spectacular result.

Merry Christmas and a Happy and Floriferous New Year - from up North!
Ooooops, I might have put my foot in, as I just checked the AOC awards list, that you are linking to - and realized, that there is hefty competition for the place of being Australias first and foremost Paph.grower: Tay S. is certainly hard to beat - and Goostrey B. isn't too bad off, either. Although the latter must certainly feel you snapping his heels, if not already taking quite a bite of the back of his foot! ;) And the former, on closer inspection, seems to have specialized in non-multi-florals!
LOL. Thanks Jens. You only see my successes, not my failures and there are plenty of those.

I think those guys (S Tay and Brad) are ahead of me, as well as legendary Paph growers like Jim McCubbin (he use to post on this forum) and a few others. I wish I had their growing conditions though. I could have a much bigger collection to start with. Canberra would have to be the toughest city to grow multi-floral Paphs. So cold in winter and extremely hot in summer with zero humidity. Today is 37oC, tomorrow 40, then 41 and 42. And the hottest months are still to come.

And a merry Christmas and a happy new year to you to Jens.