Paph. supardii X Paph. bellatulum - a new hybrid

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Here a new unusual primary hybrid between Paph. supardii and Paph. bellatulum


Best greetings

Very interesting! Not what I'd call beautiful in the traditional sense of the term, but very interesting nonetheless.

- Matt
Paph. supardii is a nice species
....but this cross is a little bit wierd to be honest. I think its the shape of the bloom. Thanks for posting it so I know what crosses like these can turn out like.
Dear Heather,
I agree with you, but I think it is necessary to see also other hybridizing lines, also when the results are very often doubtful. A typical example is the cross between bellatulum x sanderianum. But I know also some orchidfriends which like especially this cross.

But sometimes the results are really great like the cross between vietnamense and rothschildianum.

Best greetings

I don't remember if it was in this forum, but someone said that hybridizers always seek improvement from the originals. I, too, think this is interesting as a hybrid, but I don't see any improvement. My position is that I think sometimes hybridizers put things together just to see what the results will be.

There was a segment on the news tonight that talked about how fruit hybridizers in California are coming up with new combinations -- like plum + apricot, and that it takes many generations and years before the resulting fruit is growable & marketable.

Maybe that is what will happen with this hybrid, also.
I have not seen many supardii hybrids, but there seem to be more and more bellatulum ones. We get a sense of what the bellatulum brings to the hybrids the more different species we breed it with.
It seems like another goal of the hybridizer to to make a plant easier to grow and bloom. From what I have read there are some notiously difficult species out there, and few people will wait ten or more years in hope a plant will bloom. I for one would rather have a reliable bloomer that approximates the species but has been crossed with something to give it ease of culture. Not that I don't find some pure species appealing, but at this stage in my orchid growing, i want to be able to achieve some return for my efforts, and even the experts sometimes can't get a roth to bloom, right?
I like the spots bellatulum brought in. Overall it is a little floppy looking but this is only the first flower for the new hybrid. I think there will be some nice flowers show up with future bloomings.
It looks very similar to Rolfei (rothschildianum x bellatulum).
All new hybrid groups have to start somewhere.
I get your point Heather, but still, if the flower were spectacular, then crossing it to something neutral and easier growing might replicate it, no? (I am not sure what that mystery plant would be, but for the purpose of speculation....maybe a primulinum?)
Speaking of the hard to bloom species, if one does manage to get a roth or (insert hard to bloom species name here) to bloom as a plant you have nurtured to maturity, does it then usually start blooming every year, or can it be years between flowering?
bellatulum is always a risk when crossed with a multifloral...for every Rolfei that takes half a lifetime to bloom, and hopefully impresses everyone, the average bellatulum x multi cross approximates a basset hound. (In college, there use to me a basset hound that hung around the cafeteria...we called it Grossmeout. It would come by your table, ugly as sin, grossing you out so you couldn't eat. It would just sit there...give it some food, it would run off right away...) On the other hand, I am not impressed by multi hybrids..I have yet to see any that I feel really improve on the species...but multi x anything else really excites me when I see the good ones...the greatest potential for variety in paph are in those combo's, at least in my opnion...Take care, Eric
It doesn't do anything for me either.

"But sometimes the results are really great like the cross between vietnamense and rothschildianum." wish I could find one of these :drool:

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