Paph Quasar spike ?!?

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I bought this plant a couple of years ago on Ebay, thinking that it would be a cool multifloral hybrid. The only picture that I had seen of it looked like a purple Roth, which seemed cool to me at the time :crazy:

Anyway, I couldn't get it to bloom for ages, and it just kept getting bigger and taking up space. Finally, a couple of months ago I noticed what appeared to be a sheath! At this point, I'm not really crazy about the hybrid... but I was pretty excited because I've been trying to get it to bloom for so long.

Then the sheath grew and started to look a lot more like a normal leaf, and I was disappointed, and ignored it for a while. Today, I took a look again and noticed what was coming out of the "sheath"....


It looks a bit wormlike. If you can't tell the scale from the first picture, here's the whole plant in a 5" pot.


Weird, huh?

Anyone else seen this sort of thing?

- Matt Gore
i was picking up some plants for my orchid society auction and a vendor gave me an oncidium type with that sort of growth coming out where an inflorescence typically would. he'd been growing for probably 50 years and said he'd never seen it before.