Paph purpuratum fma album

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Wow that’s fantastic…. I love these… can you please take a few more pics of different angles of the flower and the whole plant?

Where did you get this from? Is there any parentage on tag?

Was it easy to grow?
Happy to show more pics. I have no more parentage on tag. They are grown under LED light in my coolest north facing room.
All in my cooler room orchids receive a daily 9 hours 80-100 µmol m-2 s-1 PPFD LED light & 250-350µS MSU type fertilized RO water.
Cut the flower after it fully opened as I saw flowering drained the plant a bit.

Thanks for all nice comments and questions.
I just started posting on slippertalk yesterday (the charlesworthi album was first post ever here) and I like all the interactions so far.

I did not keep the pollen. Wil surely do on it's next flowering. I hope the plant would be stronger by then to be able to carry seeds.
I had no picture from the plant, so took one for you today. Two young plants in one container. The one at the back was the one who flowered. As you can see it started turning old leaves a bit yellowish and was also producing two new shoots. Decided to cut the flower so all energy would go into the two new shoots who are growing well I think. I did not mention source but it has been guessed already...

rather concerning that the recently bloomed growth is already turning yellow but great that it is pushing two new growths!
The other plant looks to be much healthier!
Hope they both continue on. I have seen one or two photos of this rare variety and it is the first time seeing someone's actual possession.
Thank you for sharing!