Paph. Prince Edward of York

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I'm thinking of ordering one, or possibly several of these, and wondered if anyone knows if they are easy to bloom, and what the typical blooming size is.
Hi Robert,

I would buy the largest one you can possibly afford. With those two parents, they like to be large and mulit-growth before they bloom. I have one that has been mature for years now, 4 mature growths, no blooms. They are not the easiest, IMHO.

I got mine from Parkside and the cross is one with older parents ('Rex' x 'Deep Pockets')

I finally got my Julius (with 'rex' as a parent) to spike after a cold spot this fall, but I gave the PEOY the same treatment and nuthin!

I had a couple seedlings but sold them when this one proved so difficult.
I'm not trying to discourage you; only saying buy it as big as you possible can get it.

Good luck!
I a nice sized one. Mine is a seedling from Orchid Inn. I bet I won't see any flowers for some years yet.
they can bloom on a large first growth and a 1/3 to 1/2 grown new start, but only if they're particularly well-rooted and happy.

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