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Jan 13, 2015
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Is it normal for Paph Micranthum petals to curl back like this one or do I have one from the shallow end of the gene pool? I know some species warp or curl over time but I’m not familiar enough with micranthum to know if this is one of those species.

Mostly I’m wondering if this is a fatal flaw from a judging standpoint. I hate to take in plants that have no prayer of being awarded and wasting the judges time.

First, well done on blooming a micranthum.

Second, the awarded mics now have very flat petals. Rebloom and see?
Thanks. That’s what I was thinking. I’m still curious if the curled petals is typical for micranthum and getting it awarded is just a matter of perfect timing or if they should remain flat.
Could also depends on the type a bit. I've observed this before. Some curl back first after open since one week.
Like the color on your plant!
To judge the genetic makeup of a flower, I think, you would have to see it in bloom several times, as so many factors might contribute to the appearence of the individual flower: plant maturity, growing conditions, cultural mishaps, etc., and of course genetics. I, too, like its colouring very much!
Thanks all. I am definitely keeping it, just not taking it to judging today. It has bloomed for me before but I don’t remember if I photographed it or not to compare to this blooming. The petals opened flat and stayed that way a few days before curling back.