Cattleya trianae var. concolor 'Pink Pearls' AM/AOS

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David B

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May 2, 2022
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This wonderful cattleya trianae has had an exciting month of March 2024. It opened it's flowers on the 1st of March, and was taken to AOS judging in Toronto on March 9th. I had wanted to save if for the Montreal les Orchidophiles Show judging on March 16th, but a 550 km. trip can sometimes be stressful in end of winter conditions. In Toronto, the plant received an Award of Merit, and was well named by Dr. Leslie Ee as clone 'Pink Pearls'. So a week later, the plant travelled to Montreal and was the central plant in the Southern Ontario Orchid Society display assembled by AOS judge Alina Furtak and SOOS President John Vermeer. The plant was honored with two trophies. One for best Cattleya and another for Best Species plant in the show. As the grower of the plant, I can say that the normal time frame of 2 years took place here in it's re-acclimatization after travelling from one southern continent to a northern one. The clone itself should do very well for Dr,Leslie Ee as it is showing itself to have very good genetics both floral and culturally. I would not say that the plant is yet a beast, but it is indicating to me that it has the ability to generate multiple leads, necessary for a plant to become a cultural champion. Ohh yes, and the fragrance is definitely both pleasingly intense and superior to most trianae. Below is a SOOS display pic and two pics by me taken yesterday at home. Cheers.


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That is a wow, when I got the plant to grow, I thought it was a recent purchase by him, I also did not know he had made a post of Pink Pearls, somehow I missed that. I believe I have had it for approx. 2/3 years, having a hobby greenhouse 8' x 26' allows for the plant to have better ambient humidity, as a hanging plant it also experiences the seasonal variance in daylength as it receives no artificial light. I use harvested rainwater exclusively, and vary fertilizer application from light to heavy depending on when the plants are actively growing. There are 7 fans muffin constantly running 24/7, 365. My fertilizer is mainly professional grade General Hydroponics and at least monthly supplement cal.mag, kelp and fish emulsion so as to attempt to ensure plants have proper nutrient supply. The greenhouse is intermediate in temp, trying to stay above 17 C on winter nights and 20 daytime, in summer when temps climb, I add air movement by having air come in at one end, and exhaust at the other. My potting mix is 30% bark and the rest equal amount of leca, charcoal and pumice, this is due to the plants take 2-4 days to dry after watering. Each watering I use approx. 75/100 gallons. ALSO I can grow almost any hybrid, but am successful with only certain species (15ish ) the species that require high yearly average temp, and high light do not thrive due to Cdn. winter conditions. Cheers.


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DavidB is such an astute grower that he makes champions of my plants. His methodology is top class. And staging the flowers is his art.

I’ve had the plant for over 15 years but it languished under lights in my care. Certain plants just don’t like it as much and flower accordingly. However in the GH ideal natural light and superb growing skills, it has blossomed the best I’ve ever seen under the ‘tutelage’ of DB. He really deserved the accolades of the two trophies in Montreal.

Well done David!

To top it off, DB has many more of my top plants in his care. There will be more AOS awards and show trophies a’coming!!

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