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Oct 28, 2010
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Paph Lipstick is registered as (lowii x henryanum). This plant is from Earl & Phyllis Bailey, OrchidBabies, and the tag reads Paph Lipstick ( Paph lynniae 'Cayuga' X Paph henryanum 'Jim' AM/AOS ). Koopowitz in Tropical Slipper Orchids has lynniae as a separate species, but notes that Cribb regards it as a variety of lowii.

The following details are also on the tag:

Cross No CP1054

AnTec 1/2 compt
dry rts ?12 pl

RP 11-04

This is a large, multi-growth plant in a 6" round pot. I will repot it soon and hopefully will be able to get some new vigor and growth.

The flower has a ns of 4 inches.



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    flower 18 mar 2013.jpg
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I looked, the RHS site in the case of other natural hybrids lists the putative parents. In the case of lynniae, they do not list parents. Interesting. Does anyone know who the parents are?

Your Lipstick is nice. I really like the intense colors. My plant of Lipstick is staying fairly compact. I really like the cross for its intense color and long lasting flowers.
I always understood it to be a geographical variety of lowii. Perhaps one of the experienced members could shed some light on the matter?