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Oct 28, 2010
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I have a partial tag from OrchidBabies nursery. I think it is Paph Junior Coxwell 'Golden Moon' which was awarded an AM/AOS in 2006. The tag has the 'Golden Moon' part on 1st line. --um 'Wipporwill' x on 2nd line, which I believe is Paph micranthum 'Wipporwill'. Missing the 3rd line, the rest of the cross. Would the AOS award database have the complete name and cross? THANKS
I found two awards to Junior Coxwell. One AM of 80 points to 'ORCHIDBABIES Golden Moon'. Natural spread of 13.1 cm. x 10.5 cm. Substance referred to as soft. Awarded in May of 2006.
Second award also an 80 point AM to 'Minah Jean" back in April of 2013. Natural spread of 9.5 x 8.7.
Both were intense yellow flowers very much like armeniacum. Because of the one being so large and "soft", Minah is much better.
They used Paphiopedilum'micranthum''Whipporwill'' in a few crosses. What would Paphiopedilum'micranthum''Whipporwill''x'Junior'Coxwell'#2 be? And did they get it awarded? THANKS
Yes, that cross was made by ORCHIDbabies Nursery in 2012. They registered it as Paph. Cahaba Golden Moon. Parents are Junior Coxwell and micranthum. There are no awards to date. No images
A similar cross, Paph. Fumi’s Delight has 45 AOS awards. Fumi’s Delight is micranthum x armeniacum. It does look like a pale yellow micranthum.

I would think that Cahaba Golden Moon progeny would resemble Fumi’s Delight progeny. They both are armeniacum x micranthum. But who can say for sure?
THANKS -- The plant I have is then Paph. Cahaba Golden Moon (micranthum''Whipporwill'' x Junior Coxwell #2). It has been neglected for years. Any suggestions on growing? Thanks
These guys like water and no direct sun.
I grow underlights in plastic pots. I use a mixture of seedling bark, perlite and seedling grade charcoal. I fertilize once a month at half strength. I use a balanced fertilizer with some cal mag added.
I never let them dry out.
With proper light, the leaf markings are intense and clearly defined. Too little light and the leaves get darker in color and the markings fade. In too much light, the leaves get lighter in color and the markings on the leaves fade. These leaves will “tell you if the light is correct”.