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7 parvi paph hybrids + 1 micranthum for sale

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Nov 7, 2016
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(See price at bottom of listing). Plants are in SF Bay Area.

I'm selling these because: a) I want to make space for oncidium alliance plants, which I'm more interested in now; b) 3 of these now have blasted their buds for me, and when it happened this week I threw up my hands [not interested in what the problem is - just going to move on to plants that seem to like my conditions better]; c) although all these plants are healthy, paphs don't root for me the way other orchids do, so see parenthetical above - something about my conditions they don't like.

Paph Gloria Naugle - 2 growths, 1 blooming size. This came from Austin Creek Orchids in Petaluma, CA. Purchased Oct '16 for $74.99

Paph micranthum, this had a bud that blasted last spring. 1 bloomed (bud blasted) growth, 1 BS growth, 1 young growth. Purchased Feb '16 for $35 from Dave Sorokowsky at a Northern California Orchid Society meeting

Paph Fanaticum - 1 mature growth, blasted bud a couple months ago. Purchased from Peter Lin December '16 for $45.

Paph Alexej - 1 growth but this thing hasn't done well with me. Under the right conditions I'm sure it would rebound. Unfortunately I paid $65 for it! Oh well. From Orchid Inn, Sam Tsui, Dec '16. This one is included in the group but only costs $5.

Paph Taylor Weldon - 1 BS growth. This is an FCC/AOS awarded cross. $40 from Sam Tsui, Dec '16. (Charlandzegary 'Red on Red' x rothschildianum 'Red Glory')

Paph Fumi's Delight - 1 mature growth (bud just blasted), 2 new growths, 1 NBS growth, 1 baby growth. $55 from Austin Creek Orchids in April '17.

Paph Deception II - 1 bloomed growth, 1 NBS, 1 young growth. I actually bloomed this one! Purchased Feb '16 for $30 from Dave Sorokowsky at a Northern California Orchid Society meeting.

Paph Ma Belle - 1 BS growth. $38 from Peter Lin, Dec '16.

So, I paid $382.99 (plus shipping for the Lin & Tsui plants, so upwards of $400) for all of these. I will sell them as a group for $275 including USPS 3 day priority shipping, bare root to save shipping costs. Because I'm not a commercial grower/regular shipper, other types of shipping are prohibitively expensive. You probably don't want to pay $150 shipping on this amount of plants! If you live in a cold area we'd have to wait to ship. If you live in the bay area, I'll knock $25 off, you can pick up or we can meet somewhere halfway.

I got most of these plants over a year ago and they've grown a lot since I got them. So you are getting even better plants than I got (with the exception of the Alexej) for a lot less money.

I pack very carefully. Your plants should get to you in good shape. All of them are looking good except for the Alexej.

I will take and send pics of the potted plants, if you are seriously interested in purchasing.

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