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Jan 10, 2007
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St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada
Thought I show the latest pic of Judge Phillip now that two flowers are open. The first flower has been open 9 weeks and is starting to fade. I got a week of seeing both blooms open together.

It's a good flower. I'm especially taken with your dramatic lighting technique.
very nice flower and photo! Seems the trend of these lighting technique are becoming more popular among us paph lovers! :)
Thank you for sharing.
I put my order for one! I liked your first photo the best, but this one is nice too. Is this one acting like a sequential multiforal, or all they all coming at once?
Very sequential...two flowers are only open together for a week or so. A well-grown plant will be in bloom for 4 months or more.

A local orchid-growing friend of mine also ordered this one after he saw mine! Cloud's has a great deal on this plant. Mine arrived with 4 growths..and only $25! Next year I hope for up to three spikes.
Very beautiful. Now I can't wait for ours, the darn thing hasn't even started to spike yet.:sob: Love the lighting, very dramatic.:clap: