Paphiopedilum helenae 'Medusa' AM/AOS, CCM/AOS

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Congratulations on the well-deserved awards. Absolutely stunning. Not a species I have found that easy to grow. You obviously have the culture down pat.
That is absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations on the awards. How old is the plant and how have you been growing it? I'm able to keep these little guys alive but they're quite reluctant to bloom for me.
I took one of my helenae to the Carolinas Judging Center this last Saturday. The plant was awarded a 83 point AM and a 86 point CCM.
It has 9 open flowers and has been in bloom since the end of September. I think 9 flowers is the highest flower count for a helenae award in the AOS. I'll post better pictures when I get them.

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It is so cute!!! I want it

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