Paph. Hung Shen Wild Cat (P. bellatulum x P. anitum)

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and the plant seems quite small too.
What gorgeous flowers!! I must get some and try my luck with this cross.
I'll have to ditch my Rolfei. haha
Here's a good case of why anitum breeds differently than adductum. Way darker dorsal markings. Nice blooms Jens.
Thank you, Leslie!

Yes, and why It's absurd to entirely sink anitum into adductum.
I can follow the view, that the morphological differences between anitum and adductum might not suffice for its present varietal status (though that debate might run along the lines of parishii versus dianthum - and factors like geographical delineation, growth mode, leavage, etc. must be taken into consideration, the complexity of which I gladly leave to the botanists) - but as the colour difference between the flowers of the two seems to be a stable trait, even in hybridizing (Johanna Burchardt vs. Wössner Black Wings, as in this case: Hung Shen Wild Cat vs Weltz Ballad) , anitum ought to be granted at least status as a colour form (i.e. P. adductum fma. anitum).
But in cultivation/hybridization this might already be a lost battle due to the anarchy reigning on the Australian continent!
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