Paph. Haur Ji Lucky ??

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I think it is the correct label as this flower looks within the range of hybrids between the two species. Small dorsal of the adductum, curvature of the gigantifolium petals and the dark colors of both parents.

A roth will widen the petal width and dorsal sepal much more in the flower.
Thanks for your thoughts - I have had a few suggestions from various sources, from being correct, to either Hung Sheng Eagle or Shin Yi Formosa (gig x lady Isabel). I guess I will never know for sure, but tend to agree with DrLeslieEe that it seems too skinny for HSEagle, and I would expect SYFormosa to always have less dorsal striping thanks to the stonei influence. Perhaps it is a correct label after all, just a pale/red form rather than expected brown/tan.

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