Paph. Hampshire Buss.

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Don't know if both flowers will stay, so I thought I would get the shot now. Thanks for looking. Jim.

Paph. Hampshire Buss X Paph. Skip Bartlett.
when complex paphs bloom with 2 buds does the second one often fail or drop?
Your plant is great by the way!
The first flower has been in bloom for 4 or 5 weeks, sometimes the second one will just knock it off. I hope to see how long they both last. Jim.
paphreek said:
Nice flower!:) Hampshire Buss x Skip Bartlett has now been named as Paph Skip The Buss

We awarded two Skip the Buss in Chicago earlier this month. Arnie Klehm brough a group of twelve in. We squeaked two in with 75 pt HCCs, but didn't give the Award of Quality to the group. The two HCC clones are now named 'Take a Hike' and 'Hoe de Doe'. :) Arnie is great with names (with some help from our center's Chair to remain nameless).

Arnie's paph names are great. One of my favorites is his hybrid of Paph. (Thunder Bay x Burpham) aka Paph. Thunderous Burp.

He also has a way of poking fun at those who would take themselves too seriously. Paph hybrid names such as Toll Booth, Voting Booth, Kissing Booth and Phone Booth are great examples.