Paph. Fajen's Fiesta

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Nov 19, 2022
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I received this as a bonus plant back in February in a shipment of a couple of plants that I bought from Orchid Inn before Sam went out of business. This is the first of this kind of paph that I have owned. I have no idea if it is a good example of the cross or not. I tried looking for photos on the internet and couldn't find any.

The tag reads Paph. Fajen's Fiesta (moquetteanum 'Perfect Circle' x henryanum 'Super Jumbo' AM/AOS).

Paph Fajen's Fiesta #2.jpg
Paph Fajen's Fiesta #1.jpg
The leaves on my plant are also somewhat soft and floppy. This is the first paph of this type that I have grown so I can only assume that is typical for the type.

I'd love to get it judged, however I live in Minneapolis and the closest AOS judging center is in Chicago. That is quite a jaunt for me and at this time I don't have the enthusiasm for the drive. However the plant has finished flowering and is pushing out two new growths. If both those growths when they mature spike with flowers of the same quality I might have to rethink my aversion to driving that far.

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