Paph Botanical posters?

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Jun 9, 2006
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Great Neck - New York
Didn't wanna hijack matt's thread.

I tried doing a quick search and haven't found any (paphs specifically).

now for major brain flatulence.

I think it would be a good addition to to a fairly established business, orchid related of course. A company that has a fairly established customer base who has a decent inventory turn over rate ,with a significant amount of advertising, might not do to bad if they added this product to their merchandise (botanicals not photos). An individual just starting out fresh on the other hand, that may be a bit more difficult. I know sells botanicals but I don't necessarily know if they're poster size. I think they're more on postcard size. Deejay also sells poster size. But firstrays and Deejay doesn't have to many slippers. :poke:. Then again reproduction of old material can get messy with copywrite infringement and potential royalties to original copywriter. Plus initial costs are going to be expensive, legal fees, accounting fees, initial inventory production fees.......anyway...... hmmm...maybe someone will bite and i can get me some posters! :evil:

If you happen to start a business segment due to this posting and happen to feel like donating to me for the idea or for that matter donating just because you feel like it. I take cash,pennies, quarters, checks, MOs, and plants specifically paph polyantha's (blooming size preferred). I'll also take a high paying job offer that doesn't have a insane requirement and ill also take lunch if it's your treat. If i get hired though ill treat you to lunch ;). PM me for necessary info thanks :)


If you do decide to initiate a business venture similar to that stated above I don't claim any assurance for success. This is just a proposal because I want posters. I only plan on buying like 4-5 posters so I probably won't be providing you with the majority of revenue you intend to aim at unless of course you plan on selling a max of 10 posters (under $75 list for each poster im poor :poke:)during the life of the business. However, if you do decide to be nice please refer to preceding paragraph. Thank You :p

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