Paph barbigerum 3D

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OK, this one is kinda lame compared to the last couple I've done. I had a lot of trouble positioning this little guy, and keeping it from moving between photos. I got annoyed and just decided to stick with this for now, but I may do another later in the weekend.

I've been planning on doing this for a week or more, ever since the bud opened... but I was expecting the dorsal to reflex a little more. It's been open for over a week now, and it's just sitting there, so I figure that it's about as developed as it will ever be. :)

Hope you like this one; it will undoubtedly be replaced at some point.

As Ever,
Matthew Gore
Thanks Heather and Dot :) My biggest complaint about this one is just that it slid off center part of the way through.

Anyway, it is a tiny little plant... I don't think I'll be pollinating this one :) I am very impressed with the flower size, considering the size of the plant.

- Matt

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