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Here are some plants that I photographed at Orchid Zone or that I purchased.
Some are for available from OZ.

**Actually for those who are knowledgeable, could you tell me whether #3 would be awardable. NS is about 10cm and petal width is 3cm. So a little small but personally I very much like it.

1) Vinicolor breeding with charlesworthii influence. Sorry did not jot down the name.

2) sukhakulii alba. I think this one is award quality.

Two Maudiae type breeding.

3) (Via Quatal X Oriental Mystique) x Macabre "Square" I bought this plant.

4) (Laser X Ruby Leopard) X Macabre. I bought this also.

5) OK snuck in a non Paph. Masd Falcata (using alba coccinea).

OK hope you like them.






I'd love to see it in the context of the whole plant and in person to get a better idea. My first impressions are that the dorsal is pinched at the tip, but I can deduct a few points for that, it isn't fatal. In the picture, the petals are asymetrical at the tips, but that might just be the angle. The form is good, and the dorsal is excellent but for that pinch. Personally I'd like to see more color (or less color = albinistic), but that is just a preference. The pouch seems large in relation to the flower which is a little distracting to me, again, that is probably just personal preference.

A chunky flower. Worth buying if the price is reasonable. Certainly worth bringing it to judging.
Re: #3, the petals and dorsal sepal sure are fat! But it looks like it is either not all the way open or isn't flat. Like Rob said, looking at it in person makes a huge difference. Per the Pennsylvania lottery... "you have to play to win". If in doubt, take it to judging! Many Maudiae-types lack flatness which is crucial but pointable. Non-flat slippers look "cuppy" from the front- like they're shy or trying to hide something. :) In a perfectly flat Paph, if you tore the flower off the stem and completely detached it from the ovary in the process then layed it down on a table pouch up, the dorsal sepal and synsepal would both lie flat against the table. The pouch shouldn't protrude forward too much either. In photographs, this flatness can be conveyed by being able to see all/most of the staminode and little of the bottom of the pouch when the picture is shot straight on to the dorsal sepal. Many species are not flat, and we can't do much about that, but for hybrids several generations from species, one would expect improvement. Again, not saying this one sucks or anything, just some tips on what to look for.

The pouch seems large in relation to the flower which is a little distracting to me, again, that is probably just personal preference.

To me it looks like the camera is pointed up towards the flower, which is going to make the pouch look larger than it really is.

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