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Orchid Inn flasks - Anyone up for a group order?

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Horse whisperer
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Jun 7, 2006
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Hello all,

I am about to buy a few flasks from Sam at Orchid Inn and wondered if anyone is interested in any? I ask because the more I/We spend, the bigger the discount.

Here's how it would work:
  • I take orders from everyone for which flask(s) they would like.
  • The total dictates how much of a discount we will get (note: there are some flasks which he doesn't discount).
  • I set up the flask purchase from Sam.
  • You pay me for the flasks + shipping
  • I get the flasks 2nd day air from Sam.
  • I immediately ship out the flasks priority mail (same-day turnaround if possible) without looking at them (they come in styrofoam bowls with lids)
  • A good time is had by all

Shipping charges:
  • $7 for the first flask. That will cover the $2 per additional flask that Sam charges for shipping plus the ~$5 USPS shipping cost
  • $2.50 for each additional flask. That will cover the $2 per additional flask that Sam charges for shipping + $.50 for additional postage from me to you.

This way I get nothing except for the discount that comes from a bulk purchase.

I would salivate but I cannot grow anything less than "vigorous seedling" on the windowsill. not safely at least.
Charlie, for the list please go to http://www.orchidinnusa.com/ click on flask on the left hand side of your page and it will bring you to a list of the species flask available. Along the top of that page you can select multiflower, brachy, or what ever and it will bring you to that flask list.

I for one am in, and will be getting a flask or two.
Orchid Inn was were I got my flask of philippinense alba... and even with the long travel haul, it still looked great with awesome roots and nice fat leaves!

I have some concern about potential total transit time involved here. With the recent East Coast flood damage, Federal employees are being allowed to take unscheduled leave to attend to personal domestic problems. 2-3 day Priority Mail could easily stretch to 3 days each way. Depending on what time of the day these reach Stephen, and he is able to turn them around, we may lose another day or two. No Sunday delivery. And now we're looking at possibly 8-9 days. I'm fearful of how well these will hold up, being unflasked. I don't know how well Stephen knows Sam Tsui, or how accommadating a vendor he normally is, but do you think he might take a group order but ship separately to each individual?
Interesting crosses. And the prospect of a group discount is enticing. But if they arrived "fried".......

charlie c
PHRAG said:
Will you grow them for the first year for me?

hell no :D

As for shipping, Sam will send out the plants on a Monday if I ask him to and I'll be able to get them out the Wednesday they arrive. That way everyone can get their plants Saturday at the latest.

I think Sam sold out of the flask of Paph gigantifolium. I was lucky to get a flask 1.5 years ago. They were small seedling with leafspan of 1 inch at most. It had very long roots in the agar. They are now 4-5 inch leafspan in compots. It is too bad I can't sell you seedlings since I live in Canada.

When you're ready to make an order, let me know. I have been intending to get a few new flasks (fewer than 10), but I'm not sure that this is the best time for me to get them. However, if its a while before you're all ready to go, I might be able to add a few flasks on, too :) At least one of them will be NET, though.

- Matt Gore
Heather said:
You know you are on the list Rick...I'm just not convinced they're ready for transport yet....

Thanks Heather, but since you are down to 3, I figurered that you may want to hang on to all of them.

The total of the flasks and plants has reached $690, which puts us at a 10% discount. If we reach $800 it goes to 15%.:poke:

The big Santa Barbara show is this weekend, so I imagine Sam is dealing with that at the moment. Consequently, I can't yet give a firm answer on when I expect all the stuff to be shipped.


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