Onc. Sharry Baby 'Ruby'

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Oct 25, 2018
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North Queensland, Australia
It is a corny/cheesy name (Sharry Baby) heheh ----- but this particular juvenile orchid, which opened its first ever flower (of first-ever bloom) yesterday ----- looks nice. This is the one that I had placed next to a C. purpurata in the first pic of this set. This flower is the first one to open on that flower spike. First time flowering.




May I ask why you think "Sharry Baby" is corny or cheesy?

There are a lot of orchid names out there that are corny and cheesy ------ for such as C. Dal's Good One, Gct. Swig of Brandy, and even Fred's Fdk. Crazy Good --- and a whole bunch (in general - not from Fred). Sharry --- fine - in my view that is. But Sharry Baby (with the Baby next to it) ---- does sound cheesy/corny according to me. It is true that somebody had to name them. And that's how it came out heheh.

There's one cultivar called Onc. Sharry Baby 'Ruby Doll' --- which really seems to take the cake on the cheesyness. The one I have isn't that one though. The one in these pics here has the 'Ruby' clonal name. It's not the 'Ruby Doll'. The flowers of 'Ruby Doll' are very nice too.
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Congrats 👏
Mine bloomed 2 months ago! Blooms twice annually. Love 💘 that fragrance!

Thanks for your post GP, and also for mentioning that yours gets flowers two times in a season!! Nice! This one that I purchased came from another city in our state of Queensland - from Brisbane (the city). I purchased a couple of these in little tubs - and I took them onboard into the aircraft cabin for the flight home hehe. This is something that maybe a lot of us growers here have done before. Still nice a memorable experience. That was my first time taking an orchid on a plane - which was the memorable experience!

I will go to smell the flowers today - to see if it has fragrance - I forgot about that - until you reminded me. That's excellent in that your Sharry Baby has nice fragrance, and that it flowered only quite recently.
Yeah, names are definitely in the eye (ear? mind?) of the beholder. One of my all-time favorites though was C. velutina x E. cordigera, registered by Bil Thoms. It was so ugly, he named it Epc. Never Remake This.

hahaha !! Nice one Ray haha. That one made my day. Never Remake This --- is hilarious!!! Thanks for the nice heads-up about that one. It's so wrong, but hilarious! Thanks Ray.
abax ----- I had a sniff this afternoon in the growing area - but the breeze is crazy this afternoon. I will have another whiff in the morning - when it's generally much calmer. I think I might have had a hint of chocolate smell ------ but not certain because GreenPaph's comment might have influenced my 'wanting' to smell chocolate hahaha!
yo, i can actually see the pictures now! hahahah

since yours isn’t fragrant, i think you need another sharry baby in your house
yo, i can actually see the pictures now! hahahah
since yours isn’t fragrant, i think you need another sharry baby in your house

Excellent to know that the pics are coming through! For the fragrance - there may still be hope hahaha. I think I have to take a whiff at various times of the day. Fingers (and nose) crossed!!!!!

I have a second juvenile plant - same clone tag on it - no flower spikes just yet. But also grow Onc. Twinkle 'Fragrance Fantasy' ----- which really does have a strong scent ------- full-on vanilla smell. If the Sharry Baby gets a chocolate smell ----- and if one day -- both the Sharry Baby and Twinkle flower at the same time ------ it would be interesting to smell both at the same time hahahaha --- choc vanilla!
Haha then you might not like the cultivar names I give my plants. Some are pretty corny and nerdy, which I like because they evoke humour in those they run into.
DLE hahahaha .... that's ok! I won't make it too personal hehehe
As long as you don't call it 'Sunday Rose' hahahaha (kidding!)
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abax! Got smell this time! In the morning ----- finally got scents to smell. This particular one isn't choccy. It's some 'sweet' smell - sort of like the nice air 'freshener' tabs we put in cars, or laundry shirt/clothes freshener spray for ironing. Quite nice. Unpleasantness factor zero. For example, one of my catts, the Rlc. Nakornchaisri Red ----- has some sort of over-powering scent, which isn't 100% pleasant on my nose as well hahaha.

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