Ohhh I want one of these

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J and L in Conn. have them i think, so does andy probably
good water too, mine are in sphag and get nothing but RO water
Yep, Ron is right. You can set up a tank with a small fan and ice packs. A friend of mine did this with a grouping of small cool growing orchids, and did a great job. I have already had too many bad experiences trying to grow these beauties. I have killed too many Masdevallias...I will not go there again.
I keep my Lepanthes and other Pluero's [if I can obtain them established] alive using fans and a large utrasonic fogger that makes a fine mist. It's set to mist for 15 minutes, every 3 hours. You can search this site for photos of one working. I don't use AC and have southern exposure so I shade them also. I don't think a case will work w/out a chiller or refrigerator to counteract the heat output of any lighting and fans, and that's a lot of counterproductive work.

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