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Wanted Orchid with giant sprays and tons of flowers.

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Feb 24, 2023
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Hello everyone. I am looking for an orchid that will put out tons of flowers on big spikes. I have m eye on Wilsonara Tropic Breeze 'Everglades' but wanted to know if there were others. Also does this plant's flowers smell or is there one that does? thank you
Lots of great suggestions already in here, but I've got another to add to the list: Eulophia petersii. It also happens to have fragrant flowers, but I have not yet bloomed mine, so I can't confirm. Grammatophyllums are another fragrant option, but that's already covered in another comment.

If fragrance isn't super important to you and you prefer to stick with Oncidium alliance plants, you might check to see if you can find an Oncostele Everglades Elegance.