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malipo nut
Jul 16, 2006
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I' m just furious , I accidentally broke off the spike on my malipoense var.jackii ! I have been waiting 2 years for this one to bloom and the spike was already about 20 cm long and the bud getting bigger....

I moved a pot next to this one and hardly touched the jackii spike but obviuosly enough to break it

I am soooooooooooooooooooo sad I could just cry.......:( :ninja:

Ok I know this is a very silly question, but has anybody ever tried "fixing" a broken spike ??
I hate to admit it, but I did try to fix a broken phal spike once with tape - I know it was insane, but I did it. And of course it didn't work. You can put the spike in water, who knows, but I wouldn't count on it. Sorry.
Sorry to hear that - That's why I use plastic stakes - you can get them at Plested orchids and perhaps elsewhere
i'm so very sorry to hear this.
i can empathize as i've done the same thing. with me, it was a parishii...
most of us have done this at one time or another. It is worth a try but odds are against you. Now that it reached blooming size,it will be more vigorous and hopefully a new growth will mature soon and bloom for you.
That totally bites, and with malipoense taking ssooooooooooooo long it extra bites.

I have had non paph spikes do OK if bent, but not severed using a splint.
paphreek said:
If the spike is just creased and not broken off completely, a quick taping with this breathable tape (I can't remeber the name) has worked for me with an oncidium spike.

unfortunately is is really broken, not just creased..... I guess all I have to do now is open the bud so that I can at least have an idea as to what the flower would have looked like ....:(

I have so many paphs spiking in the GH now, but of all it had to be the one I most wanted to see bloom and I had been waiting for so long for.....

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