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I am new to the forum and as you may probably see we live in Cape Town in the beautiful South Africa. Very good weather to grow Paphs. I have been doing so for the past 30 years, but decided to give it a rest a few years ago. Now I am back again and regret the fact that I gave my stud plants away as they are nowhere to be found. I attended a few of the Paph Symposiums in SA and the 1st one was many years ago when the guest speaker was the late Prof Walter Bertsch. In 1993 I was resposible for organising the Symposium when we were still living in Pretoria. I am told that the next one will be hosted as in the past by the Orchid Society of Northern Transvaal during July 2008. Unless someone else is doing so already I will keep you posted on the forum.
Quite a long introduction, but I think we are all like this if we start talking about Paphs.
Until next time.:wink:
Welcome to the forum. I've always wanted to visit South Africa, maybe someday...
Welcome, from my home office/indoor greenhouse.

Where it smells like Neofinetia falcata at night.
Welcome, Faan. A friend of mine visited S. Africa a couple of years ago and brought back lots of photos. You have a beautiful country.

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