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Jun 7, 2006
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Ontario, Canada
Does anyone know if the cross of Paph hangianum x armeniacum has been named yet? I couldn't find it on an RHS search but that doesn't always mean it hasn't been named. I have two seedlings of this cross and one of them is pushing up a bloom sheath so it would be nice to find out if it has a name. Thanks for any help guys.
I got them from a friend who bought a flask from Antec labs. Actually i had a mini compot of five but shared three with friends already. My two remaining ones will remain with me until they bloom...after that I MAY have one up for grabs.
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Other than the RHS registry website, is there an online resource for Paph and Phrag hybrid name registration info?


Here is the picture of Paph. Wössner China Moon. Then you can imgaine how beautiful it is.


It is the picture of the first clone which flowered in the nursery of Franz Glanz in Unterwössen, Germany

Best greetings

kmarch said:
Other than the RHS registry website, is there an online resource for Paph and Phrag hybrid name registration info?



I would say that the RHS is probably the most absolute but they are so slow in updating new hybrids. Stephen Manza's site and Antec's site are also good places to look (Stephen's is more current though).

Those are the three that I use most.
Photo coming up in a few's opening!!!!! Looks like it's going to be very nice too. Keep your fingers crossed. I noticed the sheath in February so it's come along quite quickly. Just noticed my second one id in sheath now as well. Woohoo!
gore42 said:
Antec has hangianum ?!?

- Matt
I feel stupid to miss the opportunity to buy a cross as great as that!
When was it up for sale? (I would feel a little bit better, if it was a while ago,before I started to like slipper)
Does anybody else in the US has a chance to buy any flask of that cross?
I'm happy to say that I have 6 of the Wossner China Moon seedlings one of which is nearly flowering size. The only problem is that the place where the flask was purchased ( by a friend ) has been proven of recent times to be less than honest. Time will tell.
friend who bought a flask from Antec labs

It would appear that in addition to being claimed to be the source of every Paph. vietnamense in the world, as well as the miraculous ones that grow from flask to flower in days, we are now becoming the source of hangianum hybrids! Afraid it is not so, Wendy, your friend is um, lets say confused. We have not sold, given away, bartered or in any way released anything related to Paph. hangianum.

THis CITES, legal stuff is still out of control!
Only if you believe what you hear on forums, or from Paph. vendors :poke:

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