My first Cattleya type hybrid

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Following is a picture of my first Cattleya hybrid that bloomed. Most of my breeding is in Paph's and Phrag's and some Phalaenopsis. I don't do too much breeding with Cattleya's, as it takes too long for the seedlings to reach blooming size (this cross took 6 years). The only thing I breed for with Cattleya's is some miniature type breeding, and breeding for blue Cattleya's


It is a cross between a miniature Cattleya (Slc. Sierra Doll):


and a standard large Cattleya with purple petals and a dark red lip:

Blc. Dean Rizer:


My goal was to keep the small/compact plant shape of the Sierra Doll plant, but to iincrease the flower size. I think the flower shape and color turned out pretty nice.

Here is a picture of the whole plant:


We have decided to name it after Yoko Fischer's mom (or Jason's grandma), so it will be called Potinara Yoshiko.

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