Moving Flowering Plants for Display

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Apr 21, 2020
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Chicago, IL
I’ve read about people moving their orchids when in bloom to a more suitable location for display, especially when grown under lights and the inflorescence is at risk of touching the lights above. For a display location, what are the culture requirements like? Is the plant still growing when in bloom, and if not does it need as much light, fertilizer, and water when in bloom?
I move mine down to rooms we use more frequently when in flower. Often they're on the windowsill in our front room or in the kitchen/diner. Either way they get the same basic care though perhaps a little less water when in the dining area as it's not as warm.
Again, I take a cue from Mother Nature.

Does a wild flowering plant have different culture than when not in bloom? No.

However, as slow growers as they are, it’s safe to move them into lesser conditions for a while. You might affect the life of the blossoms a bit, but that’s about all.