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  1. evleaves

    Phragmipedium Metolius River

    I'm new around here and thought I'd share a slipper I have in bloom at the moment. This is Phragmipedium Metolius River from Woodstream. This is its first spike, but the 3rd consecutive bloom on the spike with another bud forming. Happy new year, everyone!!
  2. Tlynnt66

    Blc. Aloha mermaid: thorn in my side

    Having rescued this specimen from a tropical plant nursery in Portland 2 years ago (almost to the day), I was finally able to get it to produce one, count em ONE, absolutely gorgeous bloom. It only produces that lovely and bright citrus fragrance at the crack of dawn, which I am not a fan of...
  3. Ernesto

    Moving Flowering Plants for Display

    I’ve read about people moving their orchids when in bloom to a more suitable location for display, especially when grown under lights and the inflorescence is at risk of touching the lights above. For a display location, what are the culture requirements like? Is the plant still growing when in...