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Jan 4, 2007
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A few more; I've got a little bit still in bud, but we're winding down for sure...


Another shot of everyone in flower...


Via Ojai 'Winter Moon' HCC/AOS, a cross of Freckles and Hellas, and one of many awarded Via Ojais, the pinnacle of US white breeding for nearly 20 years. Via Ojai has made little of note, and was largely rejected for White Knight-type hybrids.



Two clones of Sanda Mary, 'Orchid Acres' HCC/AOS, AM/ODC above and 'Diablo' HCC/AOS, AM/ODC below, no doubt awarded for glowing red color, different than most other paphs. This grex, resulting from the cross of Noyo and Santa Margarita, gets its color from Noyo. Sandra Mary, through its crosses with Winston Churchill, has made Rosalio Bobadilla, an exceptional red, with much better form.


lol...not always the prettiest thing, this is a poor flowering of Peter Black 'Emerald' AM/AOS, S/CSA, a cross of Littledean and Hellas. It's still pretty big, nearly 15 cm in natural spread, but it just goes to show you good things don't always look good every year.


Nulight 'Hampshire' HCC/AOS, a cross of Fran Rothman and Inca, used extensively by Arnie Klehm because, according to him, it produces tons of seed. It also seems to improve the size of progeny...I'm interested to have it and mess around some with it...


Honeycomb Creek 'Butterdish' HCC/AOS on a pretty weak blooming as well - normally this has much better color. This is a cross of Hellas and Honda Gold; Honda Gold is a fantastic parent, and one that I'm excited to have recently found.



Two clones of Golden Acres, 'Stately' AM/AOS, and below 'Green Elf' HCC/AOS-ODC; this is a cross of the incredible green-gold parent Golden Diana and McClaren Park 'San Mateo'. Golden Acres has been the parent of 101 grexes, including enormous and awarded flowers like Rod McClellan, Greenvale, Eagle Peak, Lovely Yard, and Vintage Harvest (from yesterday). There are a bunch of awarded Golden Acres, and I'm always looking for more.


Paph Alyesbury 'Suez' AM/AOS-ODC is a cross of Euryostom 'Excelsior' (which I recently found...yay!) and Everest, and has some wonderful color, preserved in the Provocation-Gridlock-Mem. Sabrina Mark line through Johnbourn.


Paph. Amanda 'Joyance' AM/AOS-RHS, Radley by Paeony 'Regency', is one of the best red breeders of all time, giving its progeny fantastic wide petals and beautiful form.


And just to show you not everything's rosy, two highly awarded Valerie Tonkins, on the left, 'Teal' HCC/AOS, and on the right 'Valerie' AM/AOS. Again, just because it's good doesn't mean it blooms well every year.
Thanks a lot,
very interesting, I like history, as it links us to future
Via Ojai has always been one of my favorites...i want to get a nice awarded clone someday.
yes i think so...lots of twisted flowers but only a few really messed up ones. I think probably better culture after a few years in the gh will result in some wonderful fls as things get up a head of steam.
Thanks. Great pics! I especially like Via Ojai, Honeycomb Creek, and Amanda.
jim - i also have a few amanda clones - I also have 'firebird and 'yellow label' (a common CA clone and one from Arnie Klehm, respectively).

It would be so fun to be able to freely trade stuff with australia, or anywhere really.
All those genes mixed together are having quite a ball. So you never know what flowers will look like from year to year. Pardon my ignorance, but are there any stable complexes?
some more than others...mostly it depends on culture more than genetics. Most good complexes will bloom well if grown well. I had alot of weirdness associated with moving across the country and I would say that has made its presence felt this year.
Tim, thanks a lot for all the flowers, the good ones and the bad ones. I learn a lot from your threads.
Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I wish I had one. The only one I had, spiked, budded up, and the bud died.

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