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May 28, 2015
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Dear all,

Lycaste macrophylla is classed as terrestrial, yet many people grow it very similarly to an epiphyte.

What substrate do you use for you Lycaste macrophylla?

Is anyone out there growing specifically as a terrestrial species?

Kind Regards
Lots of plants that are classified as terrestrials actually grow in detritus and cruft on the ground, their roots never penetrating. More like humus epiphytes. Of course, I don't grow Lycastes, so I could be talking utter bollocks.
I have tried to grow Lyc. macrophyla but the red clones I tried could not deal with the sweltering heat of the local summer. I grow Lyc. Corrimal, which is a hybrid of macrophyla. I grow it in medium sized bark. It fills the pot with a dense mass of roots that takes the shape of the pot.
I have had good luck with Spaghnum, or bark based mixes (my mix of choice these days). Over the years I have grown many species and hybrids. I grew macrophylla in bark and didn't have any issues.
Dear all,

I have decided to try and grow it as terrestrial, I have now tried with a mixtures of pumice 3-5, pumice 6-14, zeolite 3-7, volcanic lapilli 3-5, and bark small to medium. Let's see how it goes.

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