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Jun 14, 2020
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Hi guys/gals/whomever!

I've been growing a TC Cypripedium Acaule for about 3-3.5yrs now. It's done great, until it's pot was roughly disturbed by a family member and it's leaves rotted. Roots are healthy, white, and chunky. So I repotted it and freshened up it's substrate. I'll need to reacidify it tonight.

But I've been trying to grow other, non-acidic, woodland cypripedium with no success. I had one glimpse of success with parviflorum, left for a vacation with my tenant to water it while we were away, and she forgot, and it dried out. So I haven't tried since and have since started using automated irrigation outside to prevent it.

The new bed is about 2.5ft deep for drainage with granite rocks on the bottom. I used oak leaf duff and turface for the substrate, but idk if that will work well for younger plants. Not like when I had the completely inorganic substrate with the parviflorum. I'd like a whole bed of different species and hybrids. But I want to get the environment down to a science. They'll be under an very large and old pin oak tree here in North Carolina, USA, Zone 7B. Morning sun for about 3 hrs, and bright shade the rest of the day.

How would you ammend the current soil I have to accommodate younger plants?
I do not happen to grow Cyps. but, I had the pleasure of judging a Cypripedium macranthum last weekend at the Strongsville Ohio Show.
As part of the decription that I wrote regarding details of the plant and flowers, I included information regarding the container and media. I hope this information gives you some ideas. The plant consisted of 8 growths, 6 of which were in flower. The container was a 15cm. nursery container that perennials might be purchased in. Media we thought at first was pure fine grade perlite. Upon closer inspection we found some peat in the pot as well. I have no idea as to what the original mix was but what we found was about 95% perlite and 5% peat. Possibly the original mix was 90-10? I don’t know for sure.
Good luck!