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Looking for 2 people to split a besseae flavum flask

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Hi folks,

I would really like to buy a besseae flavum flask from Chuck Acker, but don't have room for all 25 seedlings. It would be great if two other people could go in together with me to split the flask--cheaper for all of us and we'd each get a nice compot of seedlings! Anyone interested?

Just FYI, here is the link to his website--the besseae flavum flask is listed under the Phrag species.

I would be willing to pay the shipping from Chuck to have the flask shipped to me, so I can compot them and ship them out. It would be $50 for each of the 2 compots (the flask costs $150) plus shipping, at cost.

Thanks for mentioning it...he ended up having a small flask, so all is good! Receiving the little ones next week.


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