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I love Krull-Smith orchids, especially after seeing their awesome display at the WOC! I'd like to buy some more paphs ASAP, but their website is being revised, so I can't use that for decisions, as I was planning to do. I'd like some suggestions on the best paphs to get, but I can only afford the "babies". I would love any suggestions.
Um, yeah, just call Frank and tell him you want one of each. Instant Paph collection. You really can't go wrong with his Bracy and multifloral hybrids. They're doin' good things with vini-Maudiae types too.

Welcome to Slippertalk, OrchidPam.

Choosing which Paphs to grow is a very personal decision, I think. My recommendation is to learn what attracts you the most and go from there. A good place to begin is: -- you can find out a lot about how the species grow by going to the data sheets page and then clicking on any particular species. Hybrids may be easier for most people to grow than species because they combine different characteristics from their parents.
Welcome, Pam!

I can do some research tomorrow but I have to say that Ernie is probably right - just calling up Frank is probably best. If you want some advice you are welcome to give me a call first. Private message me and I can call you back tomorrow, or give you my email and phone number and we can go from there.

Frank's a fabulous grower though so you might not need me as a middle man...:)
He did have great stuff at the WOC. I bought a Paph. leucochilum flask that has great chances (FCC and AM parentage). I agree with everyone else, call them up and ask. You'd be hard pressed not to find a lot of plants that you'd love to own!
Frank is very approachable give him a call. I have one of his lowiis in my collection. A division of one of the best lowiis I have ever seen. Krull-Smith also e-bays some plants under seller name krullsmith. I just checked, he currently doesn't have anything listed.
:clap::clap:WELCOME OrchidPam! As you have read, Krull Smith has a great selection of quality orchids. Tell us more about yourself - do you have slippers, how long, growing conditions, etc. This would help us make recommendations. As Slipperfan indicated it's personal taste but will the plant fit your conditions?
I HEAR YOU I will have a few plants up on my new site by tomorrow. I want everyone to know just how much I appreciate all the good things you are saying about our plants. Please let me know if I can help any of you at any time.
Mine already expired :(
But I do not think that would prevent me from ordering more plants :drool:

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