Itsukushima - a world heritage site in Japan

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To answer some questions:

Did you eat something yummy? Okonomiyaki? Oyster?

Both! Deep fried oysters were great in particular. They also have nice local beers.

Judging from the people in the photo by the gate, the tide is maybe 6-7 feet?

That sounds about right.

Thanks for sharing. Most of my knowledge of Japanese spirituality comes from Manga! :p

That's a good place to learn that stuff actually.

Truly stinky, but the seeds inside taste really good roasted.

I used to just crush them outside with my feet ( shoes on) and then wash the rest. Dry in the sun and break open with hammer and roast the inside.
I knows it sounds like a lot of work. lol

In Japan we cook the fruit inside the hard seed. They aren't that bad in my opinion unless they fall on your house or walkway. They are surprisingly delicious.

Awesome tour. Thanks Tom. We hope to visit one day within the next couple of years. i just don't know who would take care of the neos while we are away.

Neos are tough, come on over Marco!