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Jun 26, 2006
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Nipomo California
Here is Isaias and the mystery Phrag I mentioned in the other thread. Hopefully Isaias will jump in here and tell us what we are looking at because I don't remember for sure what he said. The picture was taken in Lima at Centro Jardineria Manrique a few weeks ago.

If I remember correctly Isaias said it was collected recently growing among Phrag. boissierianum? He was quite excited because it was so much bigger than the other plants. I think the plants in pots around it are the normal size.

Isaias please explain what we are looking at...

Yes sir
The big plant looks like a tetraploid. It is Phrag boissierianum, but here the spike is as tall as 1:70 mt. Will send a pic trhough some of you that could help in posting it.
I was with Alfredo when he did his legal collecting trip. He is got very fine and selected clones for his stud breding program.
The plant in blomm is at below left corner. It is a Phrag richteri. Again a very fine a selective, with branching habits (good for nez croesses) and several flowers per spike, over ten usually. I am very excited because of the posibility of doing the hybrids with the fine Terry Root's new hybrids with besseae with the same fllowering habits.
One more thing...
Yesterday I went to check on the plant and remembered that the other interesting fact with this selected clone is that it has three branches in the spike. There is only one more clonal Phrag richteri with similar characteristics and AOS awarded in a Lima show in 1997-99.
Will check exact data and pics.

Have a nice week

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