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Wanted Scam alert! Do not engage with hyyui87 or "Mark6678"

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Sep 11, 2016
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Princeton, NJ
Hi all,

I have confirmed that a member here, hyyui87, is a scammer, along with their supposed affiliate Mark6678 [email protected].

I posted last fall looking for Phrag. dalessandroi "Verified" x sib. I just saw that in mid December 2023 I got a direct message from hyyui87 telling me that Mark6678 has one available and I could email him at [email protected].

I googled, and many people across various hobby platforms said [email protected] is a scammer.

I then emailed [email protected] to ask about the plant, he said he had it available, then I sent him this fun little message:

Ok do you also have Phragmipedium argentinensis? I’ve really been looking hard for that one, but I know it can be super expensive, easily $800. Can you let me know if you have it? I have to imagine you would if you have the other. I can pay via PayPal.

And he said:

Yes, I have it available for sale, But I don’t have PayPal. The asking price is $750 shipped.

Wow! $50 off for the imaginary Phragmipedium argentinensis!

Clearly a scam.

Anyway, do not trust hyyui87, Mark6678, or [email protected]!

Admins, can you remove hyyui87 from this site?
I just searched members for hyyui87, and the member does not exist.

Yeah that's weird. I looked them up earlier and saw there were no posts by that user. But maybe the user still exists?

Here is a screenshot of their original note to me here on ST:


  • Screenshot 2024-03-23 at 10.50.31 PM.png
    Screenshot 2024-03-23 at 10.50.31 PM.png
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