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Feb 28, 2016
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Tamworth UK

So I thought i should post a few pics of the actual, orchid collection. Its quite difficult to take photos in the greenhouse as every bit space is used.

I mainly grow paphs, phrags but I grow a lot of Coelogyne, Dendrochilum and Brassia with some more of the oncid types thrown in then the rest is mix of plants. I have 230 odd plants but that only a list of types not number of orchids so, I have no clue how many plant i actually have.

I have the sides of the greenhouse bubble wrapped all year, under the benches there is a secondary layer of bubble wrap and thin polysiteren sheeting. In the winter the roof is bubble wrapped to give me extra warmth when its cold.
I do remove the bubble wrap and change to shade netting, i have a two layers in summer one inside one outside.

The greenhouse is kept at a min of 16/17C at night and then what ever temps it warms up to naturally in the day time.

I water all my orchids once a week, mainly with water some sometimes if i have the time they get a, feed and a seaweed extrat feed at the same time. I have a slow release fert in the Phrags and the hangin baskets.

All my orchids are potted in medium fir bark the very few Catts i have are in chuncky bark. All the Phrags are grown in rockwool.

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Excellent collection!! I see quite a few in bloom, what are they?
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Hi thanks

I actually have a second greenhouse to fit everything else in that greenhouse.
It's an 8 by 10 greenhouse, far to small.
What's in flower and bud are
Ceologyne ovals 'burnham"
Coelogyne messagena
Coelogyne triplicatula
Phaleanopsis with tiny white flowers.
Phragmipedium sedenii in bud
Phrag longifolium red flower
Phrag longifolium green flower
Phrag Wossen
Phrag nitidisdimum

And a few more things in spike.
So nice and verdant. How do you get such full green leaves!?

Through telling the plants if they do not flower and grow I'll throw them out after some verbal abuse.:rollhappy::rollhappy::rollhappy:

I water with tap water with on a weekly basis with maxicrop seaweed extract the organic one a 150ml to 135lt of water.

I then add if I remember some fertilizer I use a 1-1-1 fert a bog standard cheap commercial feed , when I usethat it's about 5ml most likey not enough to do anything. But find inalways get brown tips when I feed.

In have started watering with a sprayer to help comserve water.

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