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Hsinying Anita and Lady Roth

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Aug 21, 2010
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seattle, wa
Hsinying Anita (Lady Isabel "Jumbo Lady" x anitum "Ace AM/AOS"

$ 12.00 each plus postage. No discounts. Paypal. 2 day priority

These are 3 years out of flask and are growing well in 1.25 inch pots. Not a single plant from this flask died ..so this seems like a sturdy cross.

I will pick the biggest plants first ...but keep in mind that with this kind of cross..you will get a variability in the sizes of plants that bloom. Also, this seems about the sizes that they start taking off, so some of the smaller ones may only be a couple months behind.

I am selling these just to recoup the cost of the flask, so please dont ask for discounts


Lady Isabel 'Jumbo Lady' x roth 'New Horizon FCC/AOS

really hoping 'New Horizon' makes these pure gold

15.00 plus shipping ..same terms as above

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