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Found some pictures I took earlier this year of a few of my hosta's, hope this isn't too long.:eek: But I just couldn't pick which one's were my favourite so I posted them all.

Hosta 'On Stage'

Hosta 'Jewel of the Nile'

Hosta 'Whirling Dervish' with Japanese Bog Primrose

Then there is the sieboldiana group which are some of the largest of any of the hosta family, although most of these are still young and it will be a few years before they reach full maturity. Hosta 'Elegans' has been growing in this spot for around 12 years, so last year it got to be nearly 7 feet across with all the moisture we had.

Hosta 'Aurora Borealis'

Hosta 'Great Expectations'

Hosta 'Elegans'

Hosta 'Northern Exposure'
What a diverse collection. They are all very nice, but I especially like the ones with the blue leaves.
Very nice! Once established, you can't beat them for easy, carefree & colorful. That primrose is way cool!!!
Thanks. To think that I didn't used to like them and now I have over 20 different varities, mostly large growing specimens.

Sorry Eric, no flowers when I took the pictures; but really, they're grown more for their leaves. Although I do have one called 'Guacamole' which has a wonderful fragrance.

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