Hi people finally made it here -

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i think this might be in the wrong section :poke: -- But Ive had so much trouble getting on line - this is it .
i live in western Australia - speices are my first love phrags 1st paphs 2nd
it didn't start out that way 10 years ago paphs were on top but the phrags have slowly crept up on me and seem to be taking over here .:rollhappy: guess you beasea lovers know what I mean :confused:

Hiya Billie, nice to see you here as well...

Phrag 1 aye... you must be so excited about Peru-flora and their flask list for the Australian Orchid Council Conference next month... hmmm... you are going right?
thanks people -

no - not going conference too many miles between east west coasts:sob:
but have my phrags already ordered :rollhappy: two airfares from here will buy more flasks -:rollhappy: :rollhappy:
looks like this will a happy place to be
again thanks for welcome billie