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New to this forum. Not big on lady slipper types but they are becoming part of my growing addiction for orchids but I do have a dozen or so. The Cymbidium bug bit first - bout a 1000 of those - grown outdoors year round.
Will be interested in what everyone has to say. I like phrags best!
Oh I went to a potting party today and came home with about 20 more plants - a Stanhopea platycarus (rare) that some would kill for-the rest are assorted cattleyas. I divided plants for the nice lady in exchange for the plants so now I must go take care of my new treasures.
(Pot them up)
Good growing everyone -
Best wishes


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Jun 7, 2006
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Welcome to the forum! I like cymbidiums too. We had Milton Carpenter come to our OS meeting this week, which was pretty cool. Also, my wife's favorite flower in the world is a green cymbidium, but I cant find a good warm growing one that she likes. If you know of a good green one with big flowers please let me know.


Hi - Yes Milton is a great guy - too bad he is out of the retail business. Keep an eye on Carter and Holmes - they have taken a lot of Miltons product and may offer it in the future. I dont have a green that has bloomed in Jacksonville but Tom Thumb is pretty close. Veitchii (euberno-lowianum) opens with a strong green tint but slowly turns yellow and grows well here. I think Santa Barbera Orchid Estate sells it. It is one of the oldest orchid hybrids of any kind. The cymbidium forum has a lot of people who could answer you - MrCym is in that forum and posts often - he grows in Homestead Florida but may move pretty soon. Could give you the link if you like. The magazine for the Cymbidium Sociey of America is dedicated to Paphs and Prags as well.