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I've happened upon Slippertalk a couple of times, and instead of lurking, finally decided to join!

My husband and I were bitten by the orchid bud about 5 years ago, after buying our first orchid, the typical "home depot dendrobium". We then found a local orchid grower, they were a huge help, and referred us to our local OS, and to other vendors/growers. (they (TLG) really helped us in terms of setting up our first light room, pests, best genera to start with, etc.)

So, 5 years ( I think?) have passed, and we are finally building our greenhouse. We moved this past summer, we've been saving and planning for a few years now, all with the intention of building a greenhouse. :) Meanwhile, our plants are managing in the garage.... not the best situation, but they are surviving, even though blooming isn't at optimum quality. I can't wait until we're in! (looking like this spring... electric is almost done now though, so we can start on the heat!! :clap: )

As for what we grow... a relatively wide variety of phals, paphs, a few phrags, some catt species and a few hybrids, and assorted random odd species (dockrillias seem to be accumulating....and some neofinetias have arrived... :rollhappy: ) There isn't much we don't like, though cool/cold growers aren't our forte.
Welcome from a fellow newbie. I'm trying to get my husband hooked on orchids. We'll be going to the Orchid display at the NY Botanical Garderns and I already have a contractor coming to give us an estimate on a conservatory that would be orchid friendly. I'm convincing him of the added value it would be for our house.....heh heh.
welcome, I'm sure you enjoy this place
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Sadly, we're not going to the paph forum this year :( Most of our $ have been devoted to the construction of the greenhouse, so it's put a crimp on things, but it'll be worth it!. (it's probably good that I'm NOT going... there'd be soooo much stuff I'd have to have.... :drool: )

I've never been to Woodstream, though I have purchased from them quite a few times at local shows. They have some nice complexes, as well as some neat species.
Woodstream Orchids is also in Md. Unfortunately, they are located so far from anywhere that the (Deliverance) family hillbillies are afraid to go there. There are also a couple of good places for slippers in Va.