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Others might know better but I don't think there is that much wholesale trade of orchids between US and Europe. Most hybrids in Europe seem to originate from Brazil or Asia (especially Thailand and Taiwan). So we don't get that much of the latest US hybrids, but then again I think we do get plenty of stuff they don't, so it's not all bad :) Checkout exoticplantcompany.com, schwerter, assendorfer and wichmann websites, they all have a lot of paphs.
Yes, you’re right. And they are good sellers, Elite orquids in UK basically works on Paphs and Phrags, and Popow since past away his website isn’t run on, I don’t know if maybe some day…

When in Rome, do as the Italians do!!!!

Side note: My Yelva Mehre is also reluctant bloomer even when I cool it down to 12C winter nights. It just grows one huge growth after another. Maybe this year, just maybe lol.

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