happy freakin' labor day....

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some call me brian
Jun 7, 2006
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Cape Cod
so, here i am at work...guess i shouldn't complain. i was hired with part of my work week as weekends and other parts as holidays...
anyone else toiling today?
Toiling with a hangover...

Went down to Cincinnati last night for the yearly Toyota/WEBN fireworks blowout, drank a few too many beers with a few too many people, and now I'm home ready to go to bed. What an incredibly good time, I recommend it to everyone!

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I wish I had work today... I wish I had any kind of work. I won't complain though, I just got back from a very lovely walk. On my walk, I stared in the windows of Trader Joe's (I don't frequent it very often because I like to go to Farmer's Market to support my local farmers) and saw this Oncidium intergeneric I could not resist. 13$!!!! They had some paphs for 8$, but they were sickly looking and despite my desire to "save" them, I decided they should be avoided.

Shsshh! Don't tell the S.O., he's out of town, and I had promised not to buy any more plants. :evil:
Heather said:
Oh no! The disease is spreading! :poke:

j/k T. ;) How about some pics?

I would, except the camera is in NYC still (I left at the S.O.'s parents' place). It will have to wait until he gets back.

On another note, I thought there was only two spikes, but I just found a third poking out from another pseudobulb.