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Here is a new one for you to guess; what are the two parent species of this hybird?


I will agree with Zach, adductum x chamberlainianum!

The golden background color of the dorsal seems like an adductum kind of thing. And the other parent is def. a sequential. I would guess chamberlainianum because of the heavy blotches on the petals and the subtly spotted lip.

Im with Zach the staminoide, pouch and petals scream chamberlainianum and the darkness from adductum. I love this hybrid! Thanks for the pic Doc :)
OK here it is:

Some of you were very close, but the two parents were:

Paph kalinae (also known as Paph. victoria-reginae var. kalinae or Paph. chamberlainianum var. sumatra) and Paph. sanderianum. The darker colors come from Paph. kalinae; that is why some of you were confused and thought that Paph. adductum was one of the parents.

To me Paph. kalinae is very distinct and should be considered as a separate species (compared to Paph chamberlainiaum); as you can see the hybrid made with this species looks different than when you compare it to Paph. chamberlainianum x Paph. sanderianum. Guido Braem thinks it is a distinct species too. The orchid registrar has accepted this entity to be different from Paph. victoria-reginae (they consider Paph. chamberlainianum as Paph. victoria-reginae) for registration purposes, but they still have to decide if it will be accepted as a different species or as a different sub-species. For know it has the hybrid name of Paph. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

I actually met Guido right after he separated kalinae, and when he saw Tom's in bloom (originally from Rands), he highly recommended taking it to a judging. With his written positive ID, the plant was awarded Paph. kalinae 'Ramona Cox' HCC/CHM/AOS and the award photo is the photo used in his newest book. The plant later almost died, but luckily didn't and Tom and I both have a single growth piece of it.

It is easily my favorite cochlopetalum.

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