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Feb 15, 2008
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Qualicum Beach, BC
I'm very new to orchids and have been only collecting them for a year. I have 11 Paphs and 1 Phrag and 7 non-slipper orchids. Haven't had anybody rebloom yet, but have new growths on most, so I'm hopeful. My greatest challenge here is lack of humidity; I grow them in a spare bedroom on humidity trays.

I'm happy to meet you all!

Joanne :D

Welcome Joanne to slippertalk. Have patiences! It usually takes another year for an orchid to bloom again.

WELCOME Joanne! We're getting quite the group from Canada, is ST running some kind of a special? :poke: Do you have species? hybrids? We like lists as well as pictures!
With our high canadian dollar, we're waiting for it to warm up so we can buy up US slippers. My club is ordering from Hausermanns and Bloomfield this spring. And a friend will be seeing Piping Rock in Ottawa.


Welcome and we're all very jealous of the paphs you can grow in Canada that we're unable to buy in the U.S!
Hey thanks everyone for the warm welcome!

Here's a list of what I've got right now:

Paph. (Yerba Buena x Golden Days) x spicerianum.
Paph. delanatii x moquettianum
Paph. (Red Maud x Grand Master) ‘Pastel Pink’ x Nikko Magic ‘Pink Lemonade’
Paph. (V. Moffat x Osiris) x (Joanne’s Wine ‘Pink Horizon’ x Watercolor Artist ‘Pink Summit’)
Paph. Wossner Butterfly [malipoense x vietnamense]
Paph. Barbi-Doll [barbigerum x fairrieanum]
Paph. fowliei alba x hennisianum alba
Paph. H. Ballantine. [purpuratum x fairrieanum]
Paph. Shadow Magic [Via Quatal x Voodoo Magic]
Paph. micranthum x gardineri
Paph. bellatulum

Phrag. Waunakee Sunrise [besseae flavum x Giganteum]

Doriatenopsis I-Hsin Black Jack
Colmanara Wildcat Redlip
Phalaenopsis I-Hsin Dalmatian
Miltonidium Pupukea Sunset ‘Super Nova’
Oncidium ornithorynchum
Oncidium Twinkle ‘Red Fantasy’
Bakerara Truth ‘Silver Chalice’ AM/AOS
Phalaenopsis NOID

I recently discovered the concept of humidity trays (thank you Toddybear ;) )
which led to the discovery that I have LOTS more room for orchids by growing them that way!! :eek:

Here's some of the gang on a humidity tray...

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Welcome from Michigan. Great collection. I still am wanting a 'Silver Chalice'. Toddybear has tempted me with his.
Grandma M, the 'Silver Chalice' was an impulse purchase on Friday. I picked it up at a local greenhouse while I was there picking up seed-starting supplies. It's relatively small size (for now, anyways), and the fact that it's got three spikes, prompted the purchase. I wasn't sure exactly what a Bakerara was, but I figured from the pseudo bulbs it was probably an Oncidium intergeneric. One of the tags says, but there doesn't seem to be any such supplier.
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You'll love the Bakerara Joanne...the flowers are lovely. It's Aliceara Kohala Mountains X Odontoglossum Lenestro. An Aliceara is composed of Miltonia, Brassia and Oncidium. That cross has more Odontoglossum than anything else, so grow it cool. However, having said that, the Brassia will make it warm tolerant. Heck, you should have no problems!

The humidity trays look excellent! ;) You'll double your orchids after visiting the Edmonton show! Lucky stinker! Wish I were going.
Welcome Joanne! Dang, I wish I was going to the show in Edmonton too (Ecuagenera is going to be there). After the latest cold spell I think we could all use a few more orchids.


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